Roshni Misbah

Roshni Misbah

Roshni Misbah 22-year-old, a Honda CBR 250-riding Jamia student ’, is acquiring a celebrity status in Delhi and on social media. Her shefoughtback journey starts as she comes from a conservative Muslim family and found her inspiration and support from her father. Her extended family did not approve her father’s decision to allow her to ride a bike. But she fought for herself and with support of her father today she is following her dreams like a rider. She is happy to break stereotypes. She said, “It is sad that women are expected to only cook, get married and have children. This despite the fact that women are excelling in all the fields.”
She is also part of several biking groups in Delhi, including ‘bikerni’, an all-female bikers’ group in Delhi. For her, biking is not only about speed or flaunting her riding gear. She also undertakes social awareness campaign and participates in ‘cause rides’. She never break the rules, she don’t do stunts. In fact she tries to raise awareness on safe biking. And always wear safety gear when she is on the road.

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