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Who we are

We are NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization, aims to provide women with a platform to effectively get started with their business.


WIEF is Non-Profit Organization Supporting Women to get started with their business

WIEF is an incubation cum Accelerator center dedicated towards building, improving, protecting, mentoring & funding Indian women entrepreneurs by means of teaching them various problem solving incremental innovation technique such as Design thinking, business modelling, managing changes & other technologies, skill development etc.

Ours is an incubation center with difference because of our belief system which concentrates not only on women empowerment but also opens up newer avenues of challenging the status quo of current indian entrepreneurial system

To Empower every woman financially through education and Accelerating the Pace for Women’s Leadership, Philanthropy, and Economic Security

We believe that women executives and business leaders in India have unprecedented and collective potential to break new barriers in the realm of leadership, philanthropy, and economic advancement for women.

We create unique solutions leveraging media, technology, and education, to empower women and girls

Creating media and leveraging technology that inspire and empower women and girls worldwide

Building a global community dedicated to unleashing women’s potential

Empowering high impact organizations and social entrepreneurs advancing women and girls

Investing in the education of women and girls through innovative ways

We invest in cultivating and advancing the next generation of women leaders – emerging women leaders and innovators across all fields; emerging women scientists, technologists, and explorers; emerging women entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs; and emerging women artists.

We recognize world-changing leaders and innovators at the IWELA
(Each year, WIEF recognizes extraordinary, world-changing women and men who are creating the future, transforming the world, and advancing the lives and opportunities of women and girls, with the Indian Women Excellence Leadership Awards(IWELA)

We believe our world will be a much better one when women and girls play an active role in shaping and transforming it.

We believe that women and girls can actively transform our world through many ways – leadership, innovation, science, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, education, music and the arts, among others.

We believe in unleashing their potential, we enable women and girls to actively transform our world.

We believe in the power of diversity to fuel innovation and creative solutions, and we believe in the power of unifying diverse solutions. A sphere would not exist without the circles that comprise it, and a circle on its own cannot create a sphere.

We believe in the power of community to build, nurture, and sustain positive change. Innovation has made this an era when individual power is at its greatest – any one person can have a voice, inspire change, and affect outcomes.

We believe that success and positive change endures when a community is behind it. Thus, we believe in building, nurturing, and inspiring collaboration among a community of leaders – bringing together women and men, emerging leaders, academic institutions, networks, companies, and many institutions that share our mission and purpose.

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