Meera Shenoy

Meera Shenoy

Meera Shenoy, founder of Youth4Jobs. Her #shefoughtback journey started when she had dedicated her life to training and employing underprivileged and disabled youth. She works on policy, both with central and state governments, and has implemented projects on the scale. Inclusion and diversity are reflected in the team, Out of the 185 strong teams, 15% with a disability, and 30-40% are young women. 70% of the team is below 35 years of age, full of ideas and enthusiasm. Meera has worked closely with MoRD, NSDC, and the Ministry of disability to develop skilling guidelines for youth with disability. She worked as the World Banks’ only specialist in youth and skilling in their poverty alleviation projects of Rajasthan, Orissa, Bihar, and Chhattisgarh.

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