Khusboo Khan

Khusboo Khan

Meet Khusboo Khan, a junior Indian women’s hockey player from Bhopal. Her #shefoughtback journey starts from her childhood as she always wanted to become a hockey player but because of her living and financial condition, it was very hard for her to do so. She did not even have money to repair her cycle, so she used to walk 12 km from her home in Jehangirabad everyday to Major Dhyan Chand ground for practice. She fought back with every challenge with her passion & hard work and she made her place as an under 19 Indian women’s hockey player. Despite where she lives, what’s her financial condition, she always wanted to play for the country and her family always supported her. In 2018 she had won the silver medal in Youth Olympic Games and currently she is in South Africa playing in the World cup.

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