What Is Next for Aspiring Female Leaders

What Is Next for Aspiring Female Leaders

While much of the corporate world has just lately really started embracing workplace diversity and inclusive organisational culture, women have steadily taken the lead in steering their career growth. They actively step into roles where they fulfil their potential to make a remarkable impact in organisations of all sizes and industries around the globe. Latest research reveals that women leaders make companies more resilient, creative, and collaborative, and boost performance. One recent groundbreaking study has established that companies who appointed a female CEO increased their market value by 5% — worth nearly $57 million.

The stepping stone that enables many female leaders to soar through the glass ceiling is the top management degree Master of Business Administration (MBA). Business schools have built a diverse learning environment and achieved exemplary gender balance in their MBA cohorts well before the corporate world which they supply with business leadership talent. This empowering business school experience equips women with the skill set, confidence and network to move forward. Moreover, gender and culturally diverse MBA classrooms also increase the appreciation of women’s business and management acumen among their peers.

The progress achieved so far is encouraging, but there is still a huge potential to enable women to make a difference. Business schools provide multiple opportunities to accommodate female MBA participants and set them up for career progression and a well-balanced professional, personal and social life.

In December 2021 and January 2022, talented women from around the world, of all walks of life and with different academic backgrounds, will join more than 24 leading business schools as they reveal the latest trends, novel approaches and success stories on female leadership growth. MBA directors and faculty from European, US, Canadian and multi-campus schools will present on some of the most pressing topics and provide a roadmap to aspiring female leaders:

•What’s Next for Women in Leadership
•The Female Leadership Role Models of the Future
•Women, Communication and Leadership
•The Skill Set That Makes Women Competitive in Leadership Positions
•Creating Inclusive Organisational and Learning Cultures

Take a confident step to your career progression and personal development with insight from high-calibre business schools committed to promoting women in leadership such as Rotman School of Management, HEC Montreal, IE Business School, UC Berkeley-Haas Full Time MBA, Washington University in St. Louis – Olin, University of California San Diego and many more.

Join interactive presentations and take advantage of individual advising sessions with MBA insiders to plan the next steps ahead and gain a competitive edge.

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