Kiran Bai

Kiran Bai

Kiran Bai an icon for physical fitness at the age of 83, her shefoughtback journey starts from 2020 when she injured both legs after falling from her bed, she then went on a path to recovery with her grandson, Chirag Chordia, a fitness trainer. She recalled “I dreaded the sedentary lifestyle, following my fall. “My road to recovery was long and I began to feel like my end was nearing despite support from family. Fortunately, my grandson is a gym trainer and he took it upon himself to nurse me back to health.” First she started with 500g, then moved onto 10, 15kg and now I can lift 20kg of weight easily. She stated that she wears a saree while training out of personal choice because people “can work out while wearing whatever they like”. According to her she exercise and lift weights just to increase her strength and not feel weak. She is a great inspiration for the youth as well as older age people if she can do it then why you can’t.

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