Jazz Sethi

Jazz Sethi

Meet Jazz Sethi, her #shefoughtback journey starts when she was in 8th and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes she always feels exhausted. She used to play football & go for dance lessons, her parents thought her exhaustion stemmed from her schedule. But one day, mom gasped, ‘You’ve lost 7 kgs in a week.’

She took her for some tests & the doctors said, ‘Jazz’s sugar levels have risen to 1050!’ Her family was devastated when they were told she had to take insulin injections every day to sustain herself. She sobbed, ‘I don’t want to die.’ Her body would tremble as she woke up & she wasn’t strong enough to do anything.

She became sad & barely smiled. So to cheer her up, her classmates stopped eating anything with sugar for her. She appreciated their gesture. But even years later, she felt hurt, especially when people asked, ‘How do you live like this?’ She started feeling for other patients & she wanted to help raise awareness about diabetes. And she started a channel called ‘Diabesties1’ & when she receives replies like, ‘Your content is valuable’ she feels happy.

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