Deeya s. bajaj

Deeya s. bajaj

Deeya s. bajaj, mountaineer her #shefoughtback journey starts when she with his dad started to climbing mountains as both of them love to climb. Her father wanted to debunk the ‘girls are weak’ stereotype. He promised her that one day we’ll climb Everest. Then approx. 4-5 years ago they took the leap. The temperatures dropped to -45 degrees, but they kept climbing, and 1 hour before reaching the summit her dad’s mask stopped working. And he asked her to carry on. She moved ahead and the moment she reached the summit she also saw her dad climbing up to the peak too. Finally, they reached and they cried as a proud emotion and hosted India’s flag together.
That day they not only scale Everest but also set the record straight that girls can do anything.

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