Diksha singhi

Diksha singhi

Meet Diksha singhi, her #shefoughtback journey starts from her childhood as she was a chubby kid. Everyone used to Bully her. As she grew up she pretended to be a tomboy she never applied makeup. She always used to wear baggy clothes. It was better to be called a tomboy than a fat girl. Because being fat was obnoxious back then. No one ever asked her out on a date and wouldn’t even look at her. She worked 10 times harder than others to compensate for her visual insecurities. Sometimes she starved herself too.

Finally, on her 18th birthday with a lot of courage, she decided to go all-in, bought herself a white dress and red shoes. Colors that chubby girls are asked to avoid because it is supposed to make you look thicker. That day was life-changing, she never felt so comfortable before. Slowly over the years, she has fallen in love with her body. She learned to keep herself healthy than fit into a size her body is not made for.

she would like to tell her younger self and other plus-size girls out there, ‘It’s not just about knowing that you’re beautiful but not to care if others believe it or not. Know that your worth is beyond your skin or how your stomach folds when you sit or stand.’

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