Cloak of Safety imitating a deep-set fear that she just might succeed

Cloak of Safety imitating a deep-set fear that she just might succeed
Cloak of Safety imitating a deep-set fear that she just might succeed

At every sexual assault case that steps into the limelight, we discuss the pain and pretend-mourn. Call our daughters and ask them to come home immediately, intimating that home is the safest place on earth. For every case that steps into the news, there are a hundred which didn’t. And the need is to call our sons, which we didn’t. Which we don’t.

Our concerns for her safety seem falsified when we limit her in its name. Our claims of care just a csham when care only means imposing restrictions growing by the passing minute. We keep her wrapped under fabric, hide her face, and dig her into houses; all for Safety.

We do not even try to change the circumstances of our society. ‘Women at home’ comforts us. We do not try to fix the broken system. We do not punish law breakers and eve teasers with even half as much wrath with which we lock her indoors. Confine her to a life she doesn’t want, all in the name
of her safety.

Maybe in our idealistic mind, we are just afraid. Not afraid about what might happen with her, but afraid of what she might achieve. We are afraid that she’d wake up and realise she has wings. We are afraid that she’d realise she deserves better and we’re afraid she might fly. So, we clip her wings and blindfold her, lock her into cages of love and good food and label that family and value.

We keep her from opportunities because of the fear of her success. The change has to start with us. Let us instead call our sons when we hear about a case. Let us tell them that they are to never make a woman feel uncomfortable. Let us teach them values, beyond measure. Let us teach them respect, and appreciation.

Now, we cut the hands of every man who harasses a woman and break the chains of suppression we bind our women with. Now, we cut off tongues of everyone who speaks wrongly. Now, we are a changed people. This land is witness to this movement. Pink and blue mix in and equate like two
balanced ends of a see-saw. We stand united. We ensure safety without restrictions. We grow together. We succeed together. We make this world a better place. We are the change.

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