Priya Paul

Priya Paul

Priya Paul is a renowned and successful woman entrepreneur. Her shefoughtback journey started when she took over the reins of the Apeejay Surendra group when her father died with her sheer determination, gruelling efforts, and hard work. She is the director and a member of the Group Management Committee of Apeejay surrendra and chairpersons of Park Hotels founded in 1968. Currently, she is also a member of the National Council of Science Museums, the advisory council of national tourism, and the chairperson of the South Asia Women’s Fund.
She overcame all the challenges alone. She had to take on the responsibility of looking after three hotels. She overcame that challenge, not with standing her lack of experience. She chose to follow her heart and not a hotel guidebook and the outcome was a 400 percent expansion in the hotel business her father had left her.

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