Why should we never give up on our hobbies?? Her Shefoughtback journey started in her childhood. She loves painting since she was young, due to lack of time my interest has gone day by day. It was due to the time that she was gradually taken away from art. Recently she realized that she should start painting again. During this lockdown phase, she started drawing again and it changes you as a person. Painting means peace to her. It also has a lot of advantages, from decreasing stress levels to opening up new opportunities, from giving a sense of achievement to establishing useful networks with other people, a hobby can do it all for you. No matter how busy you get, you should always scoop out some time to invest in your hobbies. She thanks SheReal for giving them the platform where they can openly tell their stories to the world so that she can inspire other women to break the glass ceiling and rock the world. Let’s share care and grow.

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