Meta will begin experimenting with money-making technologies for its metaverse

Meta will begin experimenting with money-making technologies for its metaverse

Within its virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds, Meta Platforms is looking to test tools for trading digital goods and experiences, which is an important part of its plan to create a metaverse.
Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, has begun testing tools for selling digital goods and experiences within its virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds, a major aspect of its aim to build a metaverse, the company announced on Monday.
Meta stated in a statement that the tools will indeed be available to a select group of users who really are producing virtual lessons, games, or fashion items on the company’s immersive platform, which is accessible via VR headsets.
Those selected individuals will be able to sell their accessories or give paid access to specialized digital environments they have created using a single tool, according to the business. The social media behemoth is also experimenting with a “creator bonus” scheme for a select group of Horizon Worlds users in the United States, in which it will pay members each month in using new features that the firm introduces.
“We intend them to be tonnes of wonderful worlds, and in order to make this happen, there appear to be a lot more creators who really can sustain themselves & make this their profession,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated in an avatar-based interaction with early adopters.
The Facebook parent company, which last year changed its name to Meta, has made significant investments in virtual and augmented reality to reflect its new bet on the metaverse, a futuristic concept of a network of virtual environments accessed via various devices where users can work, socialize, and play.
Land, buildings, avatars, and even names can be bought and sold as non-fungible tokens, or blockchain-based virtual assets, in which the corporation competes with up-and-coming virtual world competitors. Last year, the market for these items skyrocketed, with sales fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars. Horizon Worlds, a large VR social network, and Horizon Venues, a virtual event platform, are early incarnations of metaverse-like environments from Meta.

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