Chandini Ann Khanna

Chandini Ann Khanna

Chandini Ann Khanna is a professional from the corporate world and a very renowned author. Her story is a definition of strength and a ‘never give up’ attitude. Her #shefoughtback journey starts from the sudden loss of her mother led young Chandni to start working very early in life. She believes that has no regrets about working that early into her life and that her initial jobs have given her exposure to managing the nuances of high offices.
Her love for writing led her to write her own book which she self-published, named ‘Some ME Time”. This book is about the importance of self-care and taking out time for oneself. Irrespective of her trauma and pain, she hustled on to the best of her strengths and abilities. She is the epitome of power and an inspiration to thousands of women in the world.

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