Anmol Rodriguez

Anmol Rodriguez

Anmol Rodriguez is a fashion influencer, model, actor, TEDx Speaker, and pillar of inclusivity in India. Her shefoughtback story started when she was a two-month-old baby, she was attacked by acid from her father while her mother was breastfeeding her. This resulted in her burnt skin dotted with scars, a blind eye, and with her mother’s death her father being sent to prison. With this she lost the chance of living ordinary life.
She spent her early childhood in and out of operation theatres and hospital beds and was finally shifted to an orphanage ‘Shree Manav Seva Sangh’ Mumbai where she was brought up. She further continued her studies and completed BCA Degree, she got a job as a Software Developer based on her qualification. But soon after working for two months, she was fired just because of her disfigured face. Even after this rejections she didn’t back down, her ambitious spirit was still glowing. Because of her ambitious spirit, she became a fashion influencer with 365K followers on Instagram and is full-time working as a model. She was always passionate about fashion, and these opportunities were a dream come true for her.

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