Richa Kar

Richa Kar

A women entrepreneur, founder of India’s first online lingerie platform Zivame, Richa Kar. Her shefoughtback journey starts when she started her venture, the initial days of her startup life were very hard as people were making fun. Even she was struggling to find a home for rent as the owner used to ask her profession, she tell them that ‘I sell clothes online.’ She had faced many types of criticism and no one was there to support her, but still, she doesn’t lose hope. As time passed, her patience and strength resulted in a good way from her buyers. She got her first client from Indore who wanted to buy materials from her worth Rs. 7000.
Investors were extremely impressed by the dedication and hard work of Richa Kar and the turning point in her life was when she received her first funding of $3Mn in 2012 May. And later, another funding of $6Mn in Dec 2013 and $40Mn in 2015.
Richa Kar – “I guess conviction in one’s belief is the greatest driver. If you are strong, focused, and passionate about what you want to do, everything falls in place. Being able to fulfill a certain need is most gratifying. It’s gratifying but it’s never easy.”

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