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Supporting individual organizations run by women as founder or co-founder is an important element of WIFE’s work. We are Women’s Fund raising Network, supporting to raise fund through government, Angel investor, VC, CSR funds to change the face of philanthropy.

One of the challenges of women’s raising funds everywhere face is the need to raise significant money from donors. WIEF was designed to promote fundraising leadership by women of substances and women supporters across country and globe. It helps change participants’ view of money from being a ‘necessary evil’ to being a powerful tool for social change.

In today’s competitive and dynamic environment, IP can be a unique selling proposition (USP) of the product or service, and it helps create a sustainable and defensible differentiator for the company.

By owning IP, a high entry barrier is created, thereby helping you to grow your venture faster with respect to your competitors’ offerings. Note – IP is always given high weightage by the investors and creates good value for your venture.


A patent increases your credibility

A patent secures your most precious idea

A patent increases your startup’s valuation

Patents can ensure a startup’s freedom to operate

Patents can help a startup rapidly increase its market share

Patents can help startups form joint ventures and R&D partnerships

Patents can increase the chances that a startup will be acquired

Patents can help a startup get ready for an IPO

Startups with intellectual property achieve greater long-term success than startups without it

Patents can help a startup launch a billion-dollar empire

Trademarks are an effective communication tool

Trademarks make it easy for customers to find you.

Trademarks allow businesses to effectively utilize the Internet and social

Trademarks are a valuable asset

Trademarks can make hiring easier

Trademarks are a bargain to obtain

Trademarks never expire

Trademark protects your product name


Industrial Design

Adds to the Commercial Value of a Product

Increases Product Marketability

Make the product unique

Customer Can Identify the Product Easily

Give Exclusive Right to Owner

Copyrights assure that your work is your “Intellectual Property.”

Licensing is the Way Forward

Protect Your Rights

Protect Your Application Code

Constitutes the Ownership of One’s Original Work

Reward of Creativity to Your Business


Women’s professional spaces bring more of that feminine environment forward, and

women tend to feel more comfortable, more productive and more efficient.”

It’s actually an incredibly warm, welcoming space for women to empower. We dreamed of space where women could be successful in a “kind, supportive and light-filled environment.”

WIEF has a mission is to “empower women financially” — though anyone with entrepreneurial spirit is welcome to join.

Future Planning: the co-working space was initially intended to be catered to moms and dads.

We strongly believe that women need and deserve a multi-purpose space designed to make their lives easier, and that magic is created when women gather together

An idea is only as good as its execution. At WIFE, our team will provide the right support to bring your ideas to life. We work on building solid back-end structures to fortify your business, while you focus on growing your core business activities.

Our Associate will cater you with following services:


Day to Day Accounting

MIS report

Budgeting and Valuation

Internal Audit

Due Diligence Support


Company Incorporation

Drafting and vetting of agreement

Investor round support includind Termsheet, SHA and Due diligence

IPR Support

Regulatory Healthcheckup

Taxation & Compliance

Filing of all tax return

GST Advisory

Trasaction consulting All RoC Filing

CS Matter

Registration with Goverment Authority


Mentors are the secret weapons of successful startups. A good mentor can add enormous value to a business. If an entrepreneur can benefit from mentoring, his/her chances of success (and the scale of success) are very likely to be higher than otherwise. At WIEF we have thousands of very good mentors from different sector to support our booming base of entrepreneurs.

Benefits of having a business mentor

Having the support and guidance of a startup business mentor can be of great value to any startup business. We have a pool of experienced and talented volunteer business mentors that offer their time to help your startup business.

Provide Unbiased Guidance

Someone to Bounce Ideas Off

Strategic Support and Thinking

Help you to prioritize

Build and Grow Your Network

Benefits of being a startup business mentor

If you are passionate about startups, you could be eligible to mentor a first-time entrepreneur backed by Startup Direct. From business owners to all-round professionals, our volunteer business mentors are an integral part of our growing Startup community. With just a few hours a month, you can guide and support a promising entrepreneur on their journey from startup to profitable startup business.

Rewarding and addictive

Hone your skills through formal mentor training

Expand your network

Give something back

Gateway to becoming a Non-Executive Director/ Partner

With the hectic nature of start-up organizations today, one can easily make a claim that it is never too early to evaluate the effectiveness of a structured Learning, Training, and Development program. When starting out with a blank slate or attempting to move an organization into a direction in which they have never been. It is best to establish clear methods and processes in which the business as a whole can easily achieve their lofty goals. Without a Training and Development program, the following scenarios tend to present themselves in various manners across and organization:

Customized trainings for startups

Entrepreneurship Development programs

IP Trainings

Artificial Intelligence Training

Soft skills and leadership training

Corporate Training programs

Campus to corporate training programs

Business Plan & Pitch-ups competitions


We support startups to get their company registration done in India and also outside India.

We help you to get your company registered as legal business entity including:

Private Limited Company

Public Limited Company

One Person Company

Subsidiary Company

Liaison Office

Branch Office

Sole Proprietorship

Partnership Firm

Limited Liability Partnership

Joint Venture




Professional networking isn’t a dying strategy—for most modern-day startups & SMEs, it’s a necessary part of business development.

We at WIEF provide extensive networking support through our national – international events and weekly-monthly meetups.

Explore your Professional networking, both online and in person. While every business is unique and has different needs, building the business through our networking meetups and events you can have following beneficial plan:

You’ll Meet Investors

You’ll Gain Influential Partners

You’ll Expand Your Team

You’ll Discover New Clients and Opportunities

You’ll Gain Exposure for Your Personal Brand


Hiring is competitive, laws are changing and unhappy or wrong candidates are not productive and we understand the pain. Hiring can be daunting for small business and startup owners who have so much on their plates already. We know the issues you’re facing, and can easily help you along the way.

For Hiring contact us or write to us on


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